Who are we?

The Faculty of Management was established on September 1st, 1994. It currently employs over 150 academics who carry out research and perform teaching in management-related sciences. The main goal of the Faculty of Management is to train future experts and prepare our students to meet the highest standards of working in the business community. We are renowned for providing and sharing knowledge, as well as the quality of learning.


Study with us

The Faculty of Management delivers courses in fields of management, finance, accounting, marketing and logistics, as well as entrepreneurship, human resources, linguistics and spatial management. We offer 15 bachelor study programmes and 9 master courses. For our students interested in studying in English we deliver Business Management and Management and Finance programmes which aim to provide experts capable of working effectively in an international environment. 

Management and Finance is a BA course providing students with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of management and related sciences, especially corporate finance and accounting, concerning the nature, regularities and problems connected with the operation of an organization. This programme gives students an opportunity to graduate with a truly global mindset and an ability to understand and efficiently perform in an international economic environment. 

Business Management is available as BA and MA course. It has been designed for people thinking about international careers and willing to broaden their theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of business and related areas. The programme offers a holistic approach to management. Graduates are provided with required skills and knowledge in terms of using methods and tools to support management processes in various types of organizations. 

We offer six study programmes in English:

  • BA in Business Management,
  • BA in Management and Finance
  • BA in Digital Communication and Social Media for Management
  • MA in Business Management
  • MA in Business and Digital Analytics
  • MA in Environmental Management

These programmes aim to create high potential specialists capable of working effectively in global business regardless of the situation, business, location, or culture. Both Business Management programmes have been accredited by the IACBE (International Accreditation Council for Business Education).

Get inspired

Students of the Faculty of Management operate in various groups and societies according to their interests and needs. Currently there are 10 student associations functioning in fields of marketing, logistics, new media, human resources, finance, accounting and management. Students are also welcome to join Erasmus Student Network (ESN) or AIESEC. The Faculty takes part in a wide range of international student exchange programmes. We develop international co-operation with foreign universities and educational institutions. The students may choose the travel destinations within ERASMUS student network. Our teachers are open to students’ needs and encourage them to take opportunities to travel abroad.

Close to business

We co-operate with enterprises and public institutions ready to support us with their practical knowledge. In 2003 we established the Business Council comprising of represantatives of local companies, financial institutions and international enterprises. Business partners take an active part in expanding our educational offer: students can participate in seminars, workshops, educational programmes and lectures. They can also apply for internships, which gives them opportunity to gain the know-how and experience directly from different types of enterprises. What is more, the educational offer of the Faculty includes courses held by our business partners. It creates a link between science, education and business, enabling a better use of resources offered by all parties.


Courses developed with our partners

The Faculty of Management aims at developing international co-operation with research departments, as well as business and industry. Working with business and public institutions which support us with their expertise makes it possible to design unique programmes for the students. Our courses explore the models and techniques used in the workplace and emphasize acquiring practical skills. Their main purpose is to increase students’ academic knowledge and develop their analytical skills. To ensure the highest quality of learning, the programmes are systematically updated and tailored to meet the specific needs of companies. The Faculty is also a meeting point with experts working in various fields. An opportunity to discuss theoretical issues and practical challenges gives our students an access to the latest know-how and facilitates their professional development.