Startuje Ideathon - Uwolnij umysł i miej wpływ!

Take the challenge and act to solve real social and environmental challenges!

If you like teamwork and creativity is your middle name, apply today and grab a chance to win for coming up with the best idea!


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How to create a culture that builds a sense of agency among employees and enables employees to consciously co-create the organisation? How to support people in changing their lifestyles to reduce consumption, and thus, e.g. waste generation or the carbon footprint? Participants of the first edition of the Ideathon will work on these and other challenges.

What does Ideathon consist in?

Ideathon is an initiative whose assumption is to develop by student and doctoral student teams solutions that respond to key social and environmental challenges reported by external partners. Thus, this project is an example of cooperation between the University of Lodz and the socio-economic environment, being part of the university's third mission and activities to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

During the main part of the event – the final of the Ideathon, which will take place on 30 June, teams composed of students and doctoral students from Lodz universities, with the support of mentors and trainers, will create innovative solutions that respond to key challenges reported by partners – Nordea, Veolia, Wella Company , ING Bank Śląski and the City of Lodz Office. These solutions will then be presented on the forum, and the authors of the best ideas will receive financial prizes. Ideathon also includes earlier accompanying events, the aim of which is to support the participants in their work on solutions: Design Thinking workshops and a Team Building meeting.

What can you gain by taking part in the Ideathon?

Ideathon makes it possible to gain unique experience and competence in teamwork using the Design Thinking method with creative people from other faculties and universities. It also gives the participants the opportunity to work on real challenges arising from the external environment and present their solutions in front of the Jury of the competition. Ideathon is also an opportunity to establish contact with key employers in Lodz and a chance to win attractive financial prizes. The pool of prizes for the winning teams is as much as PLN 25,000!

Apply today!

Applications for the Ideathon are accepted until 11 June 2023 online via the application form. Regulations and detailed information are available on the event website (in Polish)

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